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Carmen - radio planning software

CARMEN (Coverage Analysis for Radio MEsh Network) is a planning tool, work order- and fieldwork system that is designed to be used by both AMS vendors, consultants and Distribution System Operators (DSO).


Built on proven technology

CARMEN is built on proven technology developed by Teleplan. Radio technology and deployment planning is based on proven and recognized mathematical models and workflows that are in use by many large telecommunications companies for planning and deployment of mobile networks.

Map technology running on one of the most advanced GIS platforms including used by Telenor mobile, military, aviation authorities and other customers who are concerned about the quality and performance of large data volume.


Radio Coverage Analysis 

Import and view large amounts of meter points based on geographical location. The maps scales and adjusts to handle the data both granularity and at a high level. CARMEN can then perform coverage analysis for communication devices at each meter point connected in various network topologies (mesh, star and cluster tree)


Optimization analysis

Analysis tool based on a cost-benefit calculation may propose an optimal starting point for configuration of the infrastructure. The analysis returns a cost-effective plan for deployment and configuration of appropriate communication equipment for each meter point while providing sufficient robustness in the net.


scalable architecture

CARMEN is designed to be delivered both as Software-as-aService (SaaS) or as a separate fixed installation (on-premise). The architecture is built to be easily scaled as needed. Using SaaS  solution CARMEN will also automatically scale up and down as a result of major changes in load. 


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