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ASTRIX is a multi-technology radio planning system designed to plan and optimize wireless networks. It is developed in close cooperation with major European cellular network operators to ensure performance, scalability, reliability and openness. ASTRIX scales from a standalone or portable solution to a company-wide multiuser system with hundreds of users and a centralized database.


The main modules:

• ASTRIX Basic 2G Planner
The main module for the ASTRIX solutions package for network planning. The main user interface is the geographical map of the planning area with the network elements presented. The Professional version includes support for using a database and possibility to use ASTRIX Publisher with 3rd party integrations.


• ASTRIX 3G Planner (UMTS)
This UMTS module allows for planning of 3G networks, and simultaneous views of e.g. GSM networks and UMTS networks. This allows the user to plan mixed mode networks, to have data consistency across the networks, to plan with site re-use and to optimise network performance.

• ASTRIX 4G Planner (LTE)
This LTE module allows for planning of 4G networks and simultaneous views of e.g. GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

• ASTRIX Frequency Planner (AFP)
This Automatic Frequency Planning module allows for advanced automated frequency planning processes. The tool is based on the Telenor R&D developed optimisation algorithm for Automatic Frequency Assignments.

• ASTRIX Radio Link Tool (RLT)
This module is used for planning microwave networks. The user interface is the same as for the ASTRIX Radio Coverage, but the functionality is tailored to radio link planning requirements of mobile communication operators.

• ASTRIX Publisher
A service that imports and exports network data and coverage files using open formats.

• ASTRIX Automatic Coverage Calculation (ACC)
A service that calculates, updates and publish coverage files. The ACC automatically detects network changes and keeps the coverage files valid.