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Reduce complexity and plan your cellular networks by modelling your advanced antenna structures, a combination of technologies and frequencies by using our combined coverage plots. Optimize the utilization of your infrastructure with the power of the proven radio propagation algorithms built into ASTRIX. Increase the efficiency of your radio planners with our user-friendly design and built-in workflows. Ensure consistency and up to date coverage calculations across your entire network and export the results automatically using our coverage file publisher tool.



ASTRIX is a multi-technology radio planning system designed to plan and optimize wireless networks. It is developed in close cooperation with major European network operators to ensure performance, scalability, reliability and openness. ASTRIX scales from a standalone or portable solution to a company-wide multiuser system with hundreds of users and a centralized open database.


Cellular (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G) - TETRA - WIFI - RF Mesh
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