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Nora - Mobile command and control

NORA is an intuitive mobile command and control system initially developed to support police operations and other emergency responders. Real-time tracking of all resources, objects of interest and instant information exchange gives you full and shared situational awareness. All data communication is encrypted, and the system can be dynamically configured to reflect dynamic organizational needs, operational and tactical plans and requirements. All changes are visualized real-time in the map, while messages, pictures and videos are distributed to active resources.


Real-time tracking

Current positions and last movements of personnel, vehicles and other resources are displayed in real-time. The internal map engine supports both “offline” raster and vector maps, as well as connections to online map servers using standard open interfaces. Basic map overlay drawing and analysis functions are included, and it is possible to integrate with external services such as radio coverage and line-of-sight calculations, terrain analysis, route calculation, traffic and weather reports etc.

Real-time information exchange

Share messages, images, video and other information between field personnel and HQ. This can easily be done with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces on touch screens and PCs, or directly from other sources as drones and other types of sensors.

Flexible organization of resources

Resources can be dynamically organized and re-organized to handle continually changing operational scenarios concerning ongoing operations, objects and user roles. All organization changes are immediately reflected in the map displays and message routing.

High mobility

The system is designed to operate with limited bandwidth for tracking and messaging, and basic map functionality can be used offline (both raster and vector maps). The system is also TETRA and SATCOM compatible.

Modern, platform-independent technology

The main components of the system are designed for use with a wide variety of client platforms, such as web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux, and Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.


All data communication is encrypted, and individual users or compromised mobile devices can instantly be blocked.

Use cases

NORA is an easily deployable and secure system that will increase situational awareness during time-critical field operations. A typical user organization will have an established HQ (stationary or mobile), on-scene commanders and one or more operational field teams. NORA will ensure near real-time information flow between HQ, the on-scene commander and teams and individual users. User organizations include police, military, emergency services and security companies.


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Jan Rylund

Director Teleplan Globe Services

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