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MARIA Geo Development ToolkiT

MARIA GDK is a toolkit for development of high performance GIS applications. With a modern microservice based architecture, well designed APIs and flexible styling mechanisms, MARIA GDK provides all you need to build scalable world class systems for real-time situational awareness and decision making.


Extensive map format support

MARIA GDK supports a wide variety of map data formats (using GDAL/OGR or FME) and visualization standards like MGCP and S-52 (ENC). An automated data processing toolchain greatly improves map production pipelines for advanced users.

High performance tracking and geo-fencinG

The tracking functionality is highly optimized for receiving, processing and visualizing massive amounts of real-time tracking data (more than 100.000 track updates per second), including aggregation of history and statistics along with rule based geo-fencing.

Flexible Draw Object functionality

MARIA GDK has built-in support for Mil Std 2525C, and flexible functionality for definition and visualization of custom draw objects. GeoJSON can be used for simple map overlays.


MARIA GDK has support for fast terrain analysis functions, elevation profiles, radio propagation and radio coverage calculations and visualization.


MARIA GDK uses Microsoft .NET technology, and works particularly well with WPF client applications using the MVVM development pattern. However, the MARIA services can support almost any kind of client technology via platform independent REST interfaces.


An increasing number of customers in defense, telecom and utility related industries world-wide has chosen MARIA GDK due to its unparalleled performance and great flexibility.


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