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FACNAV Mobile is a multi-platform flexible and scalable handheld Command & Control Information System (C2IS) for Special Operations as well as Regular Soldiers, Guards, Intel Forces, Military Police, VIPs and Logistics personnel.



FACNAV Mobile is deployed as one or more networks of Mobile Units (MUs), including rugged handheld computers, commercially available smartphones, or simple trackers. Each network may also contain one or more Headquarter (HQ) nodes, which can collect, correlate and disseminate information to and from the MUs. The HQs may also act as routers to other networks. This way, the system is easily adapted to any operational organisation and scenario.


Shared Situation Awareness

Easy configuration and intelligent filtering, considering available bandwidth, ensures an updated common situation awareness by sharing the operational picture to all nodes. The internal map engine supports a wide range of both offline raster and vector maps, as well as online web map services using standard open interfaces. MIL-STD-2525 map overlay drawing functions are included.


Near Real-time Tracking

Automatic reporting of actual position and movement of personnel, vehicles and other resources in near real-time.


Small, light and durable

Usage of small, rugged handheld devices maximises durability and effective operational duration while minimising size and weight.

Capability equals Weight x Size x Power and Cost!


Near Real Time Information Exchange

Sharing of messages, images, video (files) and other information between field personnel and their HQ are enabled through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces including touch screens, as well as from other sources such as drones, cameras and other sensors.


Day and Night Operations

The user interface adapts to both day- and night operations, even when using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The GUI is optimised for touch operations and is usable even when wearing gloves and mittens. The functionality is developed in close co-operation with military operators and is tested and in operational use by Norwegian as well as international forces.



An SSL/TLS based symmetric AES 256-bit software crypto is available, designed for 3G/LTE usage.



Depending on the selected terminal type, FACNAV Mobile supports 3G/LTE, Satcom and tactical radio communications. Protocol support for NATO Friendly Force Identification (NFFI) (STANAG 5527) Variable Message Format (VMF) (MIL-STD-2045-47001 and MIL-STD-6017) is available.
A fully documented communication API enables customers or partners to implement their own communication channels for connection to existing legacy systems (e.g. a national BMS).


Modern, platform-independent technology

FACNAV Mobile is built on modern multi-platform technology. This enables support of a wide variety of client platforms such as Windows, Windows Embedded, Windows Embedded Compact (CE), Windows 10 (including Mobile and IoT), Android, iOS, OS X, and Linux, and form factors such as PCs, laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones and off-the-shelf as well as custom-made ruggedised handheld computers.



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